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Game Tale




Game Tale




I strongly believe that true art comes from the heart. We have released and we will release all our innovative books for free. Please help us reach the hearts of children.




Who is the author behind the innovative GameTales? Meet Nikola Raykov!

Game Tale

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How do you make little children fall in love with a book? How about giving them the chance to choose what will happen inside? The opportunity for a child and a parent to play together and make the decisions that will shape the fairy tale is something you will not find anywhere else.


The book sparks the imagination of children with nearly a hundred ways to be read and helps them understand how their choices shape their reality with twenty different endings. In only four years, "The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin" went through eight reprints and received seven nominations and awards.


The book also comes with a great cardgame!


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After the phenomenal success of the experimental GameTale "The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin", Nikola Raykov invites us to an even bigger adventure in the realms of children’s imaginations. Get ready for twice as many adventures and thirty different endings!


A whole week has passed since The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin. And a whole week is a very long adventureless time for a little gremlin. When autumn rains flood Gremmy’s hole, he sets out to seek a new home in an even bigger adventure, breaking the boundaries of imagination.

In the author's much-loved trademark style, he mixes tall tales and witty jokes, juggling with words in search for human warmth and kindness. Nikola Raykov has outstripped his first book, boosting his writer’s palette with vivid dialogue, dynamic action, and sweeping scope. The result is The Even Bigger Adventure of the Little Gremlin.

The book is a winner of the Ministry of Culture's "Konstantin Konstantinov" award, the most prestigious award for children's literature in Bulgaria.

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Small “goodies” live in our homes - hidden in the armchairs, under the carpets, or inside the light bulbs. There, behind the sofas, between the toys and under the beds, their world is completely different from the one of the strange Big Humans. This book is for them!


However, this is not an ordinary book, but a fairy tale. A GameTale! You decide what happens inside, you write down letters that form words and you choose the actions of the main characters. Each time the adventure will be different! Are you ready?

The book is a winner of the Magic Pearl National Children's Choice Award with a record braking vote!

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Coming up soon in Hungarian, Serbian, Catalan, Spanish and Swiss German!


Translation in Hungarian by Dóra Fekete - a volunteer
Translation in Serbian by Duska Letic - a volunteer
Translation in Catalan by Marina Manzanosola - a volunteer
Translation in Spanish by Pablo Martínez - a volunteer
Translation in Swiss German* by Isabelle Affentranger - a volunteer.
*Swiss German is informal variation of German spoken in Switzerland.

If you would like to volunteer to translate "The Big Adventure" in another language, please contact me.

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