I strongly believe that true art comes from the heart. We have released and we will release all our innovative books for free. Please help us reach the hearts of children.

Game Tale




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Game Tale




Who is the author behind the innovative GameTales? Meet Nikola Raykov!



Game Tale

For Teachers & Parents

Shortly after the release of the first book many teachers, educators and psychologists started to notice GameTale for its potential to engage the children and develop their personal and social skills. Both books have been recognized for their innovative interactive approach towards children and are considered an excellent tool for:

  • developing personal responsibility
    (through understanding the importance of our choices)
  • sparking children imagination
    (through developing a story in a non-linear fashion)
  • working with children with special needs
    (through fear management, teamwork, social engagement)
  • positive adult-child interactions
    (when adult is reading to a child, instructions included in the book)

Two literary textbooks (for first and seventh grade), containing parts of the books, have been published in only a year. Educators in the field of Bulgarian literature are already considering my books worthy of placing among those of classic Bulgarian authors!



GameTales are an excellent tool in the fields of:

As of now, more than a hundred kindergartens and elementary schools in Bulgaria use the books in their everyday educational activities. A second grade class even studied "The Big Adventure of the Little Gremlin" throughout the year in their literary optional subject class and wrote their own fanfic. How cool is that!


If you are a teacher and you would like to schedule a meeting with your class over Skype, please contact me. We do not charge anything for author meetings as GameTale Foundation's mission is to create love of reading and promote child literacy.

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