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Game Tale




Game Tale


Game Tale

The GameTale Foundation


Our mission


The GameTale Foundation develops high-quality innovative gamebooks (age group: 3-10), freely available to the children of the world. We also strive to reach kids with special needs, those living in difficult conditions and children left without parental care.


Our Goals

  • Developing a sense of freedom and personal responsibility
    (through understanding the importance of our choices in the story)
  • Sparking children's imagination
    (through developing a story in a non-linear fashion)
  • Nurturing love for the world, empathy and understanding
    (through developing entirely positive books)
  • Developing positive adult-child interactions
    (with greater value when an adult reads to (plays with) the child)
  • Working with children with special needs
    (through fear management, teamwork and social engagement developed in the game)
  • creating love of reading and promoting child literacy
    (through creating highly engaging children books)
  • Creating good esthetics
    (through working with top writers and illustrators)
  • Reaching children in difficult conditions or without parental care
    (through special campaigns with your financial support and care)
  • Promoting creative commons and author sharing
    (through releasing the eBooks free on a wide range of devices)


Statement from CEO and founder: Nikola Raykov


“I believe in the sacred bond between a parent and a child. I believe in the holistic psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of a child, developing him or her as an unconstrained person capable of making independent decisions and taking responsibility for their actions. I believe in the development of common human values through understanding and empathy and the role of the parent in this process of growth and self-awareness. I am certain that games and entertainment are the shortest and the easiest road to intellectual and emotional awareness in children.


I am positive that the power of art is the shortcut to humans' inner nature. I believe in the free sharing of art and information as an important stage of humankind's development and maturity.”


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